Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Yeah, we get a little funny about snow here in Seattle. It just doesn't snow enough for us to get used to it. Here are some pics to document the experience!
Walking in a winter wonderland...
One word...BRRRRRR
What do they say about "Red sky in the morning..."? That's what my sky looks like right now...more snow forecast this afternoon.
We made it on the national news- just heard about us on Good Morning America as I am making this entry. I'm sure people in North Dakota (or Prophetstown, IL) are laughing at us! The excitement (and national notoriaty) will soon be coming to an end....rain on Thursday and mid 40's - phew. It'll be balmy compared to our overnight low of 10.
Stay warm out there...and Stac - were those flannel lined jeans that you had on when you were showing off your socks? I could use a pair of those right about now!
I need help with this formatting thing! Maybe I should read the directions? Hate having to do that!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

ooooppsss...long time no post....

Alaska cont'd.... Elizabeth (on the right) and her cousin Brianne enjoying a bonfire (courtesy of Uncle Tim) in the rain. Elizabeth and Brianne roasting marshmallows on the beach with Aunt the rain (seems we did a lot of the rain). That was a hard fire to light...needed gas from the truck to start it...they didn't taste all that great. :) But Elizabeth didn't care!

Elizabeth (on the left) and Brianne running through the grass by the cabin. They had a lot of fun together when they weren't at each other's throats. :)

Well..all for now...I'm pooped after a long day at "the other house"....have a good night!


P.S. Sorry for the bad layout...I'm new at this!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

H a p p y N o v e m e b er !
wow...what happened to August - or May for that matter?!
Not a whole lot to post, so I thought I would share my favorite picture of me and Paul (that would be my husband). It was taken in Alaska. His family owns a summer cabin (shack maybe?) in Gustavus near Juneau. Anyway...he tries to go up every year and after 9 years, Elizabeth and I went too - along with about 10 other family members who came and went during our time there. So, towards the end of the trip those of us that were still there decided to go have a fire on the beach (in between rain showers). We stopped off at some weird girls camp out in the flatland near the water. And...we took my favorite picture there.
Alaska was an awesome trip and it was the coolest thing to see my husband in "his element". He went up a week before us (for some serious man-fishing) and when he picked us up from the airport in this totally beat-up truck that he had to work to keep running, he had an orange baseball cap on (never seen that before!) and the most relaxed smile I have EVER seen on his face. I will never forget it - it was that cool.
I'll post more pictures of Alaska later, but right now my biscuits are burning....and that cute husband of mine is due home any minute for dinner. Gotta go!
Well, I guess I did have something to post.....